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Kinky Curly Price Explanation...
Views: 421
Flat Iron Results!!...
Views: 339
Wait by Lecrae...
Views: 327
monthly update...
Views: 454
$25 off Invisible part weave ...
Views: 377

Category: Make-up
  Grow your hair back...
www.blackhairgrowth.biz ...

Views: 157
Added by: Isis Santiago

  Hair growth and moisture...
www.blackhairgrowth.biz ...

Views: 116
Added by: Isis Santiago

  HowTo: Revert your Hair Back w\ a Beer Rinse *Pt.2...
HowTo: Revert your Hair Back w\ a Beer Rinse *Pt.2 Dont forget to Watch Pt.1 also :-)) **Please Check out my New FaceBook Page And CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON on the Page Also! Thx :-)) http://ning.it/s9JtqX...

Views: 216
Added by: akiyia

  My New Wig *Human Hair ~Its a Cap Weave HH Finger Roll...
My New Wig *Human Hair ~Its a Cap Weave HH Finger Roll...

Views: 346
Added by: akiyia

  My Big Chop Anxiety Attack & My Kinky Twist...
Watch this its great!...

Views: 352
Added by: juliaK

  Tropical Makeup...
This look is very unique and easy to achieve!...

Views: 518
Added by: denalove

  Simple Make-up Tutorial...
Very simple yet cut!...

Views: 460
Added by: denalove

  What's In the Makeup Kit!!!!...
Check out the what up in eyeXluvXmakeup...

Views: 312
Added by: juliaK

  Makeup Tutorial "Caribbean Look" Manly Palette 120...
Check this video out....

Views: 444
Added by: juliaK

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Golden Girl Makeup Tutorial
Get that Golden girl look....
Added by: admin
  How to Sew In a Invisible Part Closure Piece
How to Sew In a Invisible Part Closure Piece. The closure I am using is Milky Way Que Yaky Invisible Part. You can purchase it at your local beauty supply store or at online. I am also using the Princess Platinumm Pre-Threaded Sew In Weave Needles. You can purchae these needles from: princesspla...
Added by: akiyia
Twist-out Afro Tutorial, part one
This is a two-part tutorial of the Twist-out Afro tutorial on how you can achieve the curly Afro style (my personal staple). A variation of the existing Afro, twist-out and twist and curl styles, this technique promotes fullness and shape and is easy to maintain throughout the week....
Added by: Vermelha
  Curls products
Curly products...
Added by: denalove

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