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Bright Bold and Colorful! Day ...
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Egg/Mayo Protein Treatment...
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Hair Growth Crash Course...
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I Can Call On You...
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Category: Braids
Tangies 5 Star Braid Fest 2013 This Video is a Picture Slide Show of The 1st Annual Braid Fest 2013 This Hair Show was Presented by: Tangies 5 Star Hair Braiding Mabelton Ga, 30126 404-287-9100 770-635-8173 ***Do you have Photos or a Video you would like Edited and Uploaded? If...

Views: 223
Added by: akiyia

  Poetic Justice/ Solage Jumbo BRAIDS...
Jumbo Poetic Justice /Patra Braids~ Check out Pics of my New Braids I just done. I used 11 packs of Silky Jumbo KaneKalon Hair. You can Check out more of my work on my Website: Jumbo Poetic Justice /Patra Braids...

Views: 100
Added by: akiyia

  A Easy Way to Prepare Yarn for Braids/Twist or Wraps...
Extra, Extra please Read me!!! A Easy way to Prepare Yarn for Braids /Twist or Wraps Hello Everyone! Are you tired of spending all your money on getting your hair done? If so; I am Now offering Hair Braiding Training Classes and Training E-Videos. I will teach you how to do hair like a Prof...

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Added by: akiyia

  Havana Twist w/Marley Braiding Hair *Pics...
Extra, Extra Please Read me: Havana Twist w/Marley Braiding Hair. I used 7 1/2 Packs of Femi Marley Braiding hair. * I am now Selling Earrings in my Online Beauty store. To Check them out please Visit my Website: http://akiyia.webs.com/...

Views: 136
Added by: akiyia

  How to Remove Micros in 4 Hours...
How to Remove Micros in 4 Hours ~ I would also Love for you to Check out and Join myWebsites: akiyia.webs.com akiyia.shutterfly.com HairBraidingClasses.web s.com...

Views: 116
Added by: akiyia

  How to Do Havanna Yarn Twist...
******* Please Read Me!!!********** How to Do Havanna Yarn Twist. Hello Everyone this is My Short Havanna Yarn Twist I done. I used 2 1/2 Bundles of Acrylic Yarn. The brand I used was Red Heart. You can get it from Walmart or any Arts & Craft Store. *** To Get the Step By Step Training E-Vide...

Views: 207
Added by: akiyia

  Do You Want Locs? Try my Yarn Wraps....
********** Please Read Me************* Do u Want Locs? Try my Yarn Wraps. ~ Yarn Wraps look just like Locs. They look natural and are really light weight. Contact me know for your Hair Appointment or Training Class. You will be so Happy you Did! My Prices are Reasonable and Can Fit Everyones Bu...

Views: 142
Added by: akiyia

  How to do Yarn Wraps...
How to Do Yarn Wraps ~Thank you for Viewing my Video. I would Love for you to Check out my New FaceBook FanPage! Please Click on the Link Below: And Dont Forget to Click the LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE :-)) http://ning.it/s9JtqX *Music Provided By: JSkillz muudmuzik.com Monica Monet & ...

Views: 157
Added by: akiyia

  How to Take Out Braids Quick & Easy!!...
How to Take Out Braids Quick & Easy!! Thank you for Watching my Video. I would Love for you to Check out my New FaceBook FanPage! Please Click on the Link Below: And Dont Forget to Click the LIKE BUTTON ON THE PAGE :-)) http://ning.it/s9JtqX...

Views: 123
Added by: akiyia

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Curls products
Curly products...
Added by: denalove
  Twist-out Afro Tutorial, part one
This is a two-part tutorial of the Twist-out Afro tutorial on how you can achieve the curly Afro style (my personal staple). A variation of the existing Afro, twist-out and twist and curl styles, this technique promotes fullness and shape and is easy to maintain throughout the week....
Added by: Vermelha
Golden Girl Makeup Tutorial
Get that Golden girl look....
Added by: admin
  The Best of Chris Tucker
Clips of funny Chris Tucker...really funny clips. I love Chirs Tucker!! Warning..it contains some obscene language....
Added by: denalove

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