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My 2nd 30 Day Hair Challenge H...
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Category: Weaves & Wigs
  HOW to Get GLUE OUT of your Hair *Pt.1...
HOW to Get GLUE OUT of your Hair *Pt.1 This Video will show you how to take Bonding Glue out of your hair. This is a Quick and Easy process. I love doing Glue bonds they are are great protective style. Please dont forget to Watch Part2 also. ***Thanks for Watching my Video. I would Love ...

Views: 430
Added by: akiyia

  Cover up Alopecia or Hair Loss w/ a Crochet Weave....
Cover up Alopecia or Hair Loss w/ a Crochet Weave. Are you Tired of Covering up your Hair loss with a Wig? If so Try one of my Crochet Weaves. You will love this style! It is Very Versatile and looks very Natural. You can use Human hair or Synthetic hair. Contact me Now to Schedule your Next...

Views: 339
Added by: akiyia

  Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial...
Outre Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6 *Tutorial In this video I will show you how to do a Quickweave. The hair Color I am using is 950. I used 1 pack only. *** I would Love for you to Check out my New Face Book Fan Page! Please Click on the Link Below: And Dont Forget to Click the LIKE BUTTON ON THE...

Views: 288
Added by: akiyia

  SisterLocks To A Crochet Weave| Freetress Water Wave...
SisterLocks To A Crochet Weave!! This Video is a Picture Slide Show Of One of my Clients with sisterlocks. She wanted a New HairStyle so she decided on a Crochet Weave. The hair I used was 3 packs of Freetress Water Wave Hair. She Really Love this style!! Do you have Locs and want a New Hai...

Views: 152
Added by: akiyia

  Hair Braiding Training Class *Live...
Hair Braiding Training Class *Live Would you like to learn how to Braid hair or Twist hair...etc If so Let me Show you How to. I have Several Training Classes to Choose from. My Training Class are Very Reasonable to Fit Everyone's Budget! Contact me Now for your Training Class. You will Be...

Views: 113
Added by: akiyia

  Glue Bond Weave W / a Crochet Top Closure...
Glue Bond Weave with a Crochet Top Closure. To Get a Step By Step on how to do this Style you can Buy one of my Training E-Videos or Take a Training Class. They Both Are Very Reasonable in Rate. Please Visit my Website for more Info. My Website is: http://www.hairbraidingclasses .webs.com/ Ha...

Views: 137
Added by: akiyia

  Short Crochet Weave...
Short Crochet Weave Extra, Extra Please Read!!! ***Rate, Comment & Subscribe*** The hair that I used was 3 packs of Model Model Glance Water Wave Hair. This is Synthetic hair. I would Love for you to Check out my New FaceBook FanPage! Please Click on the Link Below: And Dont Forget to Click...

Views: 169
Added by: akiyia

  How to Fix a Uncomfortable Wig Easy!!...
I use to Always have problems finding wigs that fit, They were always to big or just uncomfortable. This video will show you how to fix your wig and make it more comfortable. **** Thank you for Viewing my Video. I would Love for you to Check out my New FaceBook FanPage! Please Click on the ...

Views: 142
Added by: akiyia

  How to Sew on a Weft Track...
This Video will show you How to Sew on a Weft Track. ** I would also Love for you to Check out and Join my Websites: akiyia.webs.com akiyia.shutterfly.com HairBraidingClasses.web s.com...

Views: 132
Added by: akiyia

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  Not A Slave - J.R.
This is a music video for the song Not A Slave by J.R. This song declares what Jesus does for us once we repent and turn to him. Jesus cleanses us of our sins and gives us the power to turn away from them - which in turn - frees us from the slavery of sin....
Added by: the_other_half
Making a Puff
Demostrates how to make a puff...
Added by: denalove
  Twist-out Afro Tutorial, part one
This is a two-part tutorial of the Twist-out Afro tutorial on how you can achieve the curly Afro style (my personal staple). A variation of the existing Afro, twist-out and twist and curl styles, this technique promotes fullness and shape and is easy to maintain throughout the week....
Added by: Vermelha

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