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Textured Side Swept Bangs On N...
Views: 229
The N Word Part 1...
Views: 347
Lace Extensions Invisible Hair...
Views: 373
Protective Style: Cornrows & T...
Views: 129
Views: 81

Category: Skin Care
  Baking Soda Facial Scrub (*The Recission Collection*)...
This Video will show you how to Do a Facial Scrub with Baking Soda. (*The Recission Collection*)...

Views: 404
Added by: akiyia

  Comments Favorite Share Playlists Flag 25 ...
Watch this video to have acne free skin!...

Views: 427
Added by: juliaK

  Customizable Cat Litter Face Mask for All Skin Types...
Affordable alternative to professional spa treatment. Make sure your cat litter is 100% natural and unscented to reap full benefits of sodium bentonite clay. You'll Need: * Cat litter * Small bowl * Water (preferably distilled) OPTIONAL: * Strainer * Rose essential oil * Chamomile essential oil...

Views: 479
Added by: creolesugar

  Ambi Even and Clear Exfoliating Wash Review...
A brief review of the product for AA skin....

Views: 680
Added by: denalove

  Black Skin care 101 and how to choose your foundation...
Black skin care 101...

Views: 436
Added by: denalove

  How to give yourself a facial....
Shows how to perform your own facial...

Views: 385
Added by: denalove

  Acne Scars ...
shows different ways to get rid of acne scars...

Views: 476
Added by: denalove

Twist-out Afro Tutorial, part one
This is a two-part tutorial of the Twist-out Afro tutorial on how you can achieve the curly Afro style (my personal staple). A variation of the existing Afro, twist-out and twist and curl styles, this technique promotes fullness and shape and is easy to maintain throughout the week....
Added by: Vermelha
  The Best of Chris Tucker
Clips of funny Chris Tucker...really funny clips. I love Chirs Tucker!! Warning..it contains some obscene language....
Added by: denalove
Golden Girl Makeup Tutorial
Get that Golden girl look....
Added by: admin
  You Raise Me Up An Inspirational Video For Everyone
An inspriational video...very beautiful in remembrance of our troops. ...
Added by: denalove

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