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The Classic Fro...
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Twistout Rodset Tutorial...
Views: 427
How to Do a Crochet Weave Afro...
Views: 148
Charlie Rose - Womens Health I...
Views: 357
Full Head Crochet Weave - Natu...
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Category: Music Videos
an excellent song from Heather Williams...

Views: 136
Added by: the_other_half

  One Thing Remains...
a song from Kristian Stanfill...

Views: 148
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song from Chris Tomlin...

Views: 210
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  10,000 Reasons...
new song that i'm feeling from Matt Redman...

Views: 159
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  Thy Kingdom Come...
1st single from Dwayne Tryumf's first live album. Coming out soon....

Views: 130
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  Wait by Lecrae...
This is for my single christian sisters out there....

Views: 343
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  Deliver Us...

Views: 350
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  God of Peace - J.R....
My favorite song off of J.R.'s debut album Metamorphisis This brother can sing - and I thank God that he's using his God given talent to glorify God...

Views: 436
Added by: the_other_half

  777 Intro aka True Stories - Dwayne Tryumf...
UK Stand UP...

Views: 454
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How to do a Temple-taper pt1
How to do a temple taper fade video tutorial part 1...
Added by: admin
  Sweet Nature by Eddie Hair Products Review
Review of sweet nature by Eddie...
Added by: admin
$25 off Invisible part weave in philadelphia
Invisible part weave on Wednesdays and Thursdays for $25 off. Whether you like it Bobbed, Layered, Curly, or Straight: Carla and Neff-a-terri will perform the best Invisible part that the Philadelphia area has to offer. Bring your girlfriend for an Invisible part and you'll get an additional $20 OF...
Added by: admin
  Olive Oil Treatment & Relaxed Hair Discussion pt.1
Olive oil treatment...
Added by: denalove

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This great...
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