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Natural HairStyle ❤ Fro-Hawk...
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Invisable Part Weave Touch up ...
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hair progress(part )III...
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Baking Soda and Conditioner De...
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Legacy Virgin Remy (wet and w...
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Category: Hairstyles
  Kids Hair Braiding and Twist Styles...
Kids Hair Braiding and Twist Styles. This is a Picture Slideshow of some of the little Kids hair I have done. I really Love doing little kids hair. I not only do there hair but I get there hair growing and healthy. Contact me Now I would Love to do your Kids Hair. You can Check out my Websit...

Views: 256
Added by: akiyia

  100% No Heat Heatless Flexi Rod Roller Set on Curly "Natural...

Views: 440
Added by: leentora

  Chic Pompadour Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair...

Views: 277
Added by: leentora

  Easy Classy Natural Hairstyle...

Views: 280
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  The Fold & Tuck - Prt I & II...

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Views: 216
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  Easiest Natural Hairstyle Tutorial...

Views: 279
Added by: leentora

  Twist Out Tutorial...
This is a tutorial on how i usually do my twist outs. I started off on washed and conditioned hair that i let dry under a towel. Hope you Enjoy...

Views: 223
Added by: leentora

  Here it is! Puff & Bangs!...
Highly requested video How I moisturize my hair and prepare it for the puff and bangs style! This style was done on an old twist out with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue. I used a leave in conditoner mix with oils diluted with water and Miss Jessies's Baby Buttercreme to moisturize and set my twi...

Views: 187
Added by: leentora

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How to do a Temple-taper pt1
How to do a temple taper fade video tutorial part 1...
Added by: admin
  Curls products
Curly products...
Added by: denalove
Olive Oil Treatment & Relaxed Hair Discussion pt.1
Olive oil treatment...
Added by: denalove
  Make your own, CUTE head band out of a T-Shirt!
Added by: leentora

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HOW to Get GLUE OUT of your Hair *Pt.2
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