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    Skin troubles

    Any suggestions to dry and oily skin? The skin gets dry right after cleaning, and becomes oily 10~15 minutes after applying lotion or cream. Also, large pores and slack skin is troublesome. How can I...
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    Facial skin scrubber

    Any ultrasonic facial skin scrubbers to recommend?
  3. At least once a year, 4 to 5 days depending on...

    At least once a year, 4 to 5 days depending on the destination.
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    How do I care my skin?

    So my forehead and my nose is very greasy and has some pimples and blackheads, especially around the mouth and on the chin, while my cheeks and skin under my eyes feel dry seconds later when i apply...
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    Dry and oily, with acne on chin

    Dry and oily, with acne on chin
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    I had seriouus acne on back when I was a...

    I had seriouus acne on back when I was a teenager, but it gradually disappeared with age.
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    Sticky: Anyone can share tips on how to remove acne? I...

    Anyone can share tips on how to remove acne? I have serious acne on face:crying:
  8. LED Photon Therapy Light Treatment RF EMS Skincare Device

    Item: LED Photon Therapy Light Treatment RF EMS Skincare Device
    Item ID: DR-008
    Colour: White
    Input: 5V/1A
    Treatment Area: Facial
    - Clear, lighten, smooth the skin
    - Brighten...
  9. Blackhead remover for skincare treatment

    Blackheads, we have all gotten them, and all hate them. Blackheads are one of the most annoying skin concerns that bothering the beauties, and it?s difficult to get rid of. However, there still ways...
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    Radio frequency skin care

    Radio frequency beauty device is one of the safest and most effective non-invasive ways to tight skin and treat fines and wrinkles. It creates measurable electrical currents that reshape and contract...
  11. Different LED lights for different skin concerns

    Green light therapy ? (535nm +/- 10nm): Green light is absorbed by the melanin producing cells of the skin, slowing melanin production, and gradually breaking up excess melanin collections which are...
  12. Handmade natural skincare products

    I have been using the handmade natural skincare products, they work well. I am with dry and oily skin, sometimes there are acnes. I have been using these products for half a year, and my skin looks...
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    medium-length hair looks good

    medium-length hair looks good
  14. Why to use a light therapy beauty device?

    LED therapy has grown in popularity in the past few years. It promises to fight acne and signs of aging with the use of light technology. Have you ever used one? Does it really work?
  15. What's your favorite beauty device?

    The beauty devices are very popular nowadays. Most of people are own one or two items. What's your favorite beauty device?
  16. What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

    Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is where a muscle is contracted by using electrical impulses. In other words a machine is connected to the origin and insertion of your muscle which causes it to...
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    Acne on chin

    My chin keep growing acne time and again. Are there any effective ways to cure it?
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    About beauty device

    As we all know beauty devices are becoming more and more popular nowadays, do you use beauty device for skincare?
    How to choose a beauty device that is suitable for yourself?
  19. Four major hazards of improper makeup removal

    1.Dull skin
    Not remove makeup, the cosmetics residue will precipitate in the skin, causing the skin to be dull and gray face.
    2.Coarse pore
    If you don?t remove makeup for a long time, your skin...
  20. Facial Cleansing Brush with wireless charging 2018 newest

    Meiigo beauty introduces an efficient affordable travelling facial cleansing device to all beauties. The cleansing brush looks like a powder puff which we use every night and day. It will remind you...
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