In the event that your banh chung is hard and old or you have remains, you can broil it to a scrumptious firmness. Cut it into pieces and cook it into a firm hotcake and once more, appreciate it with a little sugar. Utilize a nonstick griddle, a little oil and direct warmth to make things simple on yourself. Open a Coffee Shop Amid the broiling procedure, the banh chung will relax, giving you the ideal minute to utilize a wooden spatula to smooth it out and work it with alternate lumps into a bound together flapjack. Flipping the banh chung flapjack is somewhat dubious so utilize a plate to upset it out or in case you're brave, flip it in the container with a flick of the wrist. Sticky rice is really sympathetic. For more subtle elements, examine this page on banh chung and banh tet.