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  1. Default Fired for having bad breath and what can be done to stop odors

    Yes,I have heard this actually has happened to a door man in NY some years ago.Bad breath is quite embarrassing and there are many people who suffer from it.There are some food/products that may help rid bad breath and body odors.Here's a list of some things that may help:Please do your own research. Organic Coconut oil,Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic,Pure Planet Just Barley Powder,organic wheat grass powder,organic hemp seed,Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash by Heritage Products,Tate's The Natural Miracle Toothpaste (fluoride free) I've read that some people gargle with a vinegar formulation of 1 tablespoon vinegar in an eight ounce glass of water to whitening their teeth.In addition, the same mixture of apple cider vinegar may serve as an effective mouthwash for your gums and your teeth.This vinegar solution is said to be mild enough to leave tooth enamel intact while, at the same time, strong enough to work against the build-up of tartar.You should use it daily followed by rinsing with water,then a good tooth brushing..... You can find more information by searching online how these products may help fight odors/bad breath.If you can't find the products in your local health food store you can order it online. Evitamins has a great selection of coconut oils,breath fresheners and more.If you're a new customer you can save $5.00 on your first order by using their ongoing promotion code EVITAMINS Buy Discount Vitamins & Supplements & Herbs - eVitamins.com My advice, experience,shared info and suggestions are not to be considered medical advice
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    Your breath is like onion smell, isn't it. If so, you can apply some methods below:
    1. Drink milk
    Milk contains the fat that can neutralize the sulfur content in the onion quickly. Drink a glass of milk before or during the time you eat onions. You should drink full-fat milk because it is more effective than skim milk. In addition, milk is also used to strengthen teeth.

    2. Eat apple:
    Apples contain natural enzymes that can provide the same result as the fat in milk. This fruit is considered one of the best home remedies for onion breath .
    There are 2 steps:
    -Drink apple juice to prevent bad breath
    -You can also eat an apple after you eat onion food

    Click this link to get more tips: https://authorityremedies.com/how-to...-onion-breath/

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