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    usually two vacations per year but the second one on a much smaller scale.

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    At least once a year - usually for about a wk and a half. The second time for a wkend. I live in the Caribbean, I am trying to do all of the islands. I am currently missing Grenada, St Kitts, Montserrat, Barbuda and Tobago. I need to do these before I do the larger islands ... Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba. I have done the USVI except St. Croix. I have done Tortola in the BVI.

    It's good after you have worked all year to take a breather in a different environment. Vacation from work does not have a great effect if you wake up in the same place you have woken up all year!
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    twice a year
    Virgin Island

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    Well, i seldom do a Travelling or Vacation.

    Then the name of places that I've visited before are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, People Republic of China, Taiwan

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    At least once a year, 4 to 5 days depending on the destination.

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