White skin, two curved eyebrows, a pair of big eyes like a clear lake, a gleaming happy light; the nose is a bit flat, if it is taller, it will be beautiful; the lips are a bit thick, when you are angry, you can Hanging the oil bottle; the bangs are neatly covered on the eyebrows and look a bit like a doll. When walking, the ponytail squats like a light butterfly. Who is she? Oh, it turned out to be a new classmate... Ma Hui. Seeing her lively look reminds me of one thing that happened in the language classay, the teacher asked us to take the extracurricular ancient poems and group games. I took the lead and was far ahead. My heart was secretly proud. I thought: The throne of the championship must be none other than me. It is our turn to turn to our group. My ancient poems have been finished, and no one in the class has stood up Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. The banner of victory is already beckoning to me. Who knows that at this time, halfway through a process of biting gold, Ma Hui stood up and emotionally recited Li Bai's "will enter the wine." Her back is proficient, the rhythm is slow and fast, the pitch is high and low, and it will be like a spring rain, falling down into our hearts in a dense and dense manner; it will be like hunting wind and blowing the earth; For a moment, like the morning sun piercing the darkness, it makes people feel extraordinarily clear. The crisp voice is really like "big beads and beads falling on the jade plate". At this moment, her thick lips seemed to be a lot thinner, showing a playful and cute. She can carry such a long poem, and let me look at it all at once. From that class, we became good friends who have nothing to say. This is what the ancients said.ough this class lost to Ma Hui, but my heart is not convinced, she can do it, how can I not? The teacher said that this game will be held next week, and I will secretly slap my heart as soon as I hear it. That week, I found Tang poetry and Song poetry Cheap Newport Regular Online, and the beginning of one song began to memorize Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa. From "Slow Voice" to "Spring River Moonlight Night", from "Man Jianghong" to "Water Melody", I suddenly felt that the long poems that made me worry suddenly became very easy. Only I know why. This is because Ma Hui Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, because of her existence, I have to work hard and work hard. On the day of the game, I finally got ahead and won the veritable championship. Ma Hui did not have any unhappy look, she smiled sweet and sweet. happened later in the music class made our relationship more closely. Do not believe? Listen to me slowly. It was a Wednesday morning, and the teacher asked us to go to the lecture class for a music class. Oops, I forgot to bring my music book, and I was discovered by the teacher. The teacher wrote down my name Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. I feel very grievances because of my strong self-respect. For a moment, tears did not come to me. Ma Hui saw me like a wolf, and quickly pushed the book over and said: "Don't cry, it's not the end of the world. If you play better in music class, the teacher won't criticize you. Don't cry. Otherwise, it would be ugly to become a little cat." After that, I also gently wiped away my tears with my hands, just like comforting a child. After listening to her words, I stopped crying and sang songs happily.ks to the spring, she gave her a green dress, and the flowers thanked the sun for giving her warmth to let it bloom. I thank you, Ma Hui, you have become the driving force of my study, let me keep moving forward on the road of life. ,forward.