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Thread: Long hair envy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacqueline View Post
    Are there more important things besides hair? Really?? You've got to be kidding me? And so all the members and visitors to this site have nothing else important to think about, huh? Well, FYI .... this is a hair site and whoever doesn't like it doesn't have to visit. But this is where we all should feel free to post sincere questions, concerns and comments regarding hair and noone should be made to feel foolish for doing so. Just my opinion.
    I didn't mean to offend anyone. I guess my comment could be interpreted more than one way.

    This is a good thread considering it was started back in 2008 LOL!!!
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    I have length envy sometimes, but lately it's more texture envy and hairline envy, lol. I feel like if I had nice full edges and maybe 4a hair i would just stick to wash n goes. But I am trying to resolve the edges issue, and do my best to work with my natural hair without harsh chemicals- besides BKT. My goal is to wear my real hair out sometime in the next 6 months.

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    I definitely have the envy for long hair. My hair is short and I wish I had such hair to take the pride on.

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    I envy those with long as well as thick hair because I have normal density with fine strands.
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    I envy those who don't have thin spots ...sighs ...its a real bummer

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    Long hair is the most beautiful style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q-TPIE View Post
    Do you ever envy people with long hair? I had a girl to tell me recently that she never really liked me because my hair is long. And to me my hair is not all that long. But hers is really short. She was explaining this to me after we began talking and she said that she did not know she'd liked me because I am attractive and have long hair. I guess I just want to know if others have felt the same way about someone else.
    Never. I love my short afro. It's easy to take care of.

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    my hair is very long and i am a white male. ARE YOU JEALOUS OF MY AMAZING HUMAN HAIR, YOU FUCKING NIGGER?! HAHAHA!

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