Hey, We have a huge backyard, haven't fully concreted yet! My sister running game stores exclusively for kids and have a good collection of kids magazines and books. It has been three years since she started the store.
Since the anniversary is reaching, we're planning to build a tennis court. we don't have any luxurious plans. Still, able to spend optimally. Like I've gone through the sites of a few reputed companies. Most of them recommending an indoor court when they knew I'm constructing this for kids. But I'm only interested in a budget clay tennis court construction because we've a budget plan. I'm not sure, but I guess indoor courts might have higher set-up cost. Do anyone here got an idea on this? I will be moving forward with this plan only if I can have an affordable setup cost. I'd be grateful for any of your thoughts regarding this, as I'm kind of unaware about this!
Many thanks in advance.