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    Default Marketing campaign for BOB

    Hi to all business owners! Just a quick survey only. I have a friend who's planning to put up a natural hair product subscription service and she's asking me if I can help her in marketing the business...so it's BOB (black owned business). I told her that I might be able to assist her with social media promotions. I'd like to ask if you can share with me your other marketing campaigns. Do you send newsletters too? What about offline promotions and seo? What is the best way to get closer to your target clients? Thanks.

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    I believe that social media platforms can help in promoting especially a new business. From there, you can get some leads and can help you to attract your potential customers too.

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    Do you mean hiring providers?

    I have heard that some providers cater help to newbies. I am particularly pertaining to providers like Demandwave. Anyway, I know some ways to promote but do you really think its worth to invest your money to them?

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