I'm getting married next month. We have been dating since my childhood. We took the same degree from the same college in Aurora. He was with me in every single minute. Everyone knew about our relationship and there was a girl in college who was behind him. Every time when she sees me she would be very angry and she hates our relationship. One day she started fighting with me for silly reasons. And she lost her control and she pushed me from stairs and I lost my incisors. Blood was oozing out and my bf took me to a dental clinic for emergency care. The dentist in Aurora ( http://www.skyviewdental.ca/ ) recommended for getting implants soon. I didn't bother his words and went back to home. But my bf told me that it is affecting my smile and he asked me to get implants. When I looked myself in front of the mirror. I thought he is right. He scheduled an appointment for me for the coming Saturday. I have heard that dental implants will not damage the neighbouring teeth anymore, but there are risk factors for dental dentures. So I think I have taken the best option. My friend told me that there is a possibility of swelling or pain after getting a dental implant. Is that true? Is it common for all? What is your opinion? Kindly share your thoughts.