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    Anal sex is a practice that typically causes conflict between husbands and wives, is thought of as what the Bible condemns as sodomy (although many believe that sodomy is a reference to homosexual anal sex only), and tends to be initiated and desired by men whose interest got sparked by pornography. Many sexual experts and medical personnel discourage anal sex because of the danger of transmission of infection and tearing of the blood vessels in the rectum.

    The penis and the vagina are clean passages, which are free of disease producing microorganisms. The anus/rectum, on the other hand, is a highly contaminated passageway. When the penis enters the rectum, the urinary and reproductive tracks of the man are invaded with the germs from the rectum of the woman. If the man enters the woman's vagina after having entered her rectum, her reproductive passageways are then contaminated. Both can incur chronic infections like prostititus, vaginitis or a pelvic inflammatory condition. But you might ask, what if we use a condom? The fact is condoms have a significant failure rate when used to prevent pregnancy, yet sperm are much larger than the microorganisms that infect. In addition, a woman can only be impregnated several days per month, but men and women can acquire an infection at any moment of the month. So condoms are not a sure protection against being infected especially when entering the tight muscle of the rectum.

    The muscular structure of the anus is different than that of the vagina. The vaginal passageway is controlled by muscles, that expand or tighten to fit any size penis; the vagina is an organ of accommodation. The vagina can tighten so tight as to not allow anything to enter and can expand to allow the birth of an infant. The rectum cannot. That is why the blood vessels in the rectum break when the penis enters it causing damage to the anal/rectal area and raising the possibility of transfer of disease producing microorganisms.

    Basically Anal is not only unnatural but unclean . Think of what comes out of the anus bacteria and microbes. I was instructed in class that tearing and spearding of the anus can lead to anal cancer. Anal cancers seem to be linked to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV)due to the male having sex in the vaginal area with someone with hpv then performing anal sex . Even with protection if he dosen't change the condom and goes from the vagina to the anus and the person has hpv it's now spread to the anus.

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    ^^^thanks Ms Bing
    God does not approve of sodomy and for good reasons...

    just the thought gives me chills...ewwwwww

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurplePeony View Post
    ^^^thanks Ms Bing
    God does not approve of sodomy and for good reasons...

    just the thought gives me chills...ewwwwww
    Yes Mrs. P it's a very disgusting thought and I can't see no normal man wanting to engage in anal sex unless he is down low in my opinion . And what women wants to be ravaged like that. I just cant and will never come to grips of it. Then the things I am learning in becoming a nurse a person better check their mates anti-virus card and make sure it's up to date.

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    Good info, Ms. Bing. People need to be aware of the dangers of such acts. And God made a specific passageway for intercourse..and the anal passage is NOT IT!!
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    I would be suspect of any man that liked that

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    ^^ I would agree also

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    fuck all you niggers

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    Interesting information.

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