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  1. Default My boyfriend is addicted to drugs

    Recently I came to know that my boyfriend is addicted to heroin, When I asked about it, first, he refused to admit that, but then he confessed to me that he is addicted to it and tried a lot to get out of it, but can稚. He begged me not to leave him. I知 confused, what I知 supposed to do? How can I help him to stop the usage of the drug? I知 thinking of contacting an addiction treatment centre in Seattle for attending some sessions, but they told me that attending sessions would only help for the person who is mildly addicted. They also ensured me to know the range of addiction of him for better treatment. How could I do that? What are the things that to be considered to know how much a person is addicted to the substance? Please help me.

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    There may be some deep seeded issues he may want to deal with. Drugs give you a temporary "feel good" moment before reality sets back in. Most people addicted are using it to mask a deeper problem that needs attention. Talking to him about counseling may help but ultimately, if he doesn't take the help, even down to rehab, you should leave him for your own safety.
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