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    Hi, I'm from Edmonton. I've accumulated a significant amount of debt over the last two years. I've got a better job now, started to earn. But I'm not happy. I've lost the peace of mind due to this debt. I badly want to consolidate my debt. I know it is not that simple as I've bad credits! I tried to consolidate this through by preferring a second mortgage, but when I consulted an agency for debt consolidation service, but they said it is only a good option unless I can strictly manage my monthly payment. Because there is a risk of losing my home if any errors happened on the monthly payment, it is too high to handle. So I dropped the plan. I've already reduced my expenses than before. I'm leading a non-luxurious life now. Even then it is hard for me to get out of my financial burden. The agency I consulted before has advised me to ask my existing credit card company to lower the credit. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me due to the non-reasonable alive credit score. I think it is better to ask people who faced the situation rather than the consultancies. That is why I'm here today. If anyone here has consolidated your debt successfully, please share your thoughts and experiences. Please share possible strategies to implement a person like me. I can provide you with any further details regarding this.
    Many thanks.
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