Hey! My daughter had the habit of thumb sucking from the age of 2. Now she is 10 and continues the same. She can't sleep without her thumb in his mouth. I was unaware of the problems that can be developed with thumb sucking. So that I never tried to stop her. I took her to a kids dentist in Oakville for having the monthly dental check-up. After examining, the dentist told me that her lower molars are leaning forward and do not fit into the corresponding upper molars. When I told him about her thumb sucking habit, he scolded me. The reason for the malocclusion was thumb sucking. Now she is showing some difficulties while eating because of this leaned teeth. Her face got some changes too. The leaned teeth make her ugly. She is very much depressed due to this. How can a malocclusion be fixed? Does it require any surgical process? It will be very much helpful if the procedures are explained!