Hi, my hubby is affected by a kind of gum disease. Actually, his dental health is poor. He is having cavities along with this. His gums seem to be swollen and reddish in color. Sometimes, pus comes out from these swellings. It is very difficult to manage the foul breath. Every day, he gargles with salt water. This bad smell can be prevented up to an extent by this. We consulted our family doctor. He told that this is gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. He explained the importance of getting proper treatment and suggested a periodontal care in Calgary for undergoing the treatment. We are planning to take an appointment at that clinic. Before that, I would like to know whether there are any home remedies to prevent this disease. Also, my hubby is a smoker. The doctor advised him to quit smoking. Otherwise, this will badly affect the treatment. Anybody, please suggest some tips to quit smoking. He is trying to quit the habit but seems to be very difficult. So please help us with your suggestions and replies.