My niece is home for an internship. She is my sister's kid. Recently, there was an annual sports meet at our club in Richmond Hill. My niece was home and she was bored, so we decided to take her there. And well, she enjoyed it to the very bit. She took part in most sports activities and they were all heading out to play volleyball. Next thing we hear is that she had to stop playing because she injured her ankle. We compelled her to meet the doctor but she refused. Next day, she couldn't even get up or walk. I thought she either sprained or fractured her ankle. Our neighbor works at physiotherapy treatment center in Richmond Hill itself and he said that he will fix her ankle in no time. He was able to correctly diagnose her injury and assured that nothing was broken or fractured. After just two weeks, she was up and running. That is the magic of physiotherapy. To all of you out there, try physiotherapy instead of painkillers and other medicines that can kill you.