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    Default Re: -Homeschooling VS Public Schooling??-

    I only like the social aspect school can bring. I would home school my child so she can learn some real stuff instead of the fluff being taught today.

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    I don't have kids but when I do...

    Most of the Christian schools in my area are worse off than the public schools. No one learns anything and they're all shutting down due to not having money from no one wanting to send their kids there. I went to public school, but in a gifted program. If my kids get in to a program like that, that's where they're going. If not, then the best private school I can afford. Homeschooling definitely has its benefits, but I don't see it being for me.

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    I think it is ultimately better to study on your own most of the time!
    But have someone to share ideas with!

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    Home school and thank God for it because first of all what they teach is lies and the bullies are too much.Kids can not learn while other kids are throwing things at them or threatening to harm them.I had enough of it,it sort of reminded me of being forced to go to church as a kid.School in my opinion is like corporate punishment.I took my son out of there when he was 14 and he was home schooled all the other years. God is good.It took the stress off of me and my family.

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    There are drama, art, sports, activities set up just for home schoolers.

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    You can't educate a C00N. It's impossible. The obama C00N is gone and it was a stupid one.

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    Old Skid Mark really did his best to destroy the nation in 8 years. The halfrican's only accomplishment was moving out of the government housing he used. He's nothing but a gay, kenyan muzzie.

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    Well this is good information but i would like to say you here that Home school can be great for those who are actually prepared to educate. A lot of companies and online websites like this website https://qanda.typicalstudent.org or any other have particular days to deal with who are home trained so they can acquire those much required public abilities. I dislike to see mother and father who just have primary abilities try and educate these children. It becomes a case where the sightless is major the sightless.

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