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Thread: Dark Neck

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    You are the recipient of "pregnancy mask" which often occurs from overactive hormonal activity. After you have the baby start exfoliating your face and neck with an Alpha Hydroxy bases exfoliant-not a scrub. Time will bring your skin back to a "normal" tone. I personally use P50 Lotion which contains 6 alpha hydroxys but don't use this product while pregnant.
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    if it's not a pregnancy mask then it could just be sun damage and you don't want that either cause it causes skin cancer and wrinkles prematurely. The best way to protect your skin at all times is to use a sunscreen with a high spf....I use the Aveeno photosensative waterproof sunscreen in spf 55....and it helps to even the tone out over time...hth!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CREODiiVA View Post
    For some reason My neck is getting darker than my face, and this is something new. It was never ever the same color as my face for some reason, but now it seems to begetting darker. I was scrubbing it with the AMBI exfoliating scrub, but I don't think that was a good idea because now I have to use extra lotion on my neck so it wont dry out- From using ACNE PRODUCTS.

    Idk what to do, I was telling my friends I want to get My neck and elbows/kness bleached to match my overall skin color (Nothing extreme)
    I also want my stretch marks removed after This bby , I'm getting a few on the sides of my stomach, there really dark
    Mostly I saw a dark necks on a fat person. I guess you are getting bigger?

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    I had a dark neck x3 pregnancies.

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    I dont know how to keep my neck white (( Whenever I put on my make up, I see my face and my neck are totally different, although I also put on neck. How can I keep it white?

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