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Thread: Acne problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilMissRed View Post
    a 'cheap' fix for my 16 yr old skin has been anti bacterial wipes ( I buy the generic store brand) and witch hazel. I tell him to use it 2x per day but hes only using it 1x and his face looks great.

    My ex husbands daughter has struggled with acne for YEARS... she used Proactive and it worked like a charm, but from what she told me u have to make sure u keep ur hands out of ur face after its applied as well as washing ur hands thoroughly after each use which I think is a great thing (washing ur hands) but I feel better knowing that Im not using something so harsh/extreme on my childs skin
    That`s a great tip. I never thought about wipes. I luv witch hazel.

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    Taking vitamins really helps with acne! Especially Zinc and B vitamin supplements

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    My daughter has acne, fairly sure its aggravated by lots of sugar and dairy - which she loves

    Gotta get tough on her food intake

    more water, more protective styling,less heat

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    Applying pure chimp super cleanser helps you to get rid of acne forever as I helped me much.
    Highly recommended to try!

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    Hello below is the set up I have been using for 3 months now. So happy to finally be on top of my spots. It is so worth the effort.

    ● No dairy products
    ● Drink plenty of water
    ● Drink matcha green tea or regular green tea instead of coffee/energy drinks/black tea
    ● Use purechimp super face combo 2
    ● Use brown instead of white. For example brown rice instead of white rice.
    ● Cut down on sugary foods
    ● Exercise at least 3 times a week

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    There are various reasons to have oily skin, so sometimes it could be a genetic, or could be the cause of eating junk or oily food. Wash with warm water and improve your diet. Instead of traditional Moisturizer, Try Using Oil Instead. Drink more water to glow your skin.

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    I personally think it's important to use the right cleansing cream in order to avoid oily face.
    I recommend the Cellstory Cell Cleanser at thehairrock.com with reasonable price !!
    It's effetive on sensitive and delicate skin providing nutrient -rich which is exactly what oily face needs

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    Even I have an extremely oily skin due to which I have frequent acne breakouts. So I started applying fuller earth's powder mixed with lemon juice, and it worked really well for me and due to which I could get a glowing and soft looking skin on my wedding day last year over here in Florida!

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    A great way to reduce acne is refresh your body. Detoxification is a great method for you to refresh. Every morning, I wake up then have a cup of lemongrass and turmeric tea. Lemongrass is a great tool to flush out all the toxic in our bodies. I read this article https://wikihomenutrition.com/lemong...alth-benefits/. In the article, it divided into sections health benefits of lemongrass. It has so many health benefits. Detoxification is one of them. Besides lemongrass, you can go for lemon and other natural herbs too. Just my experience, hope it may help. I also have suffered from acne since I was teenage.

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    Acne is something you need to get in control.

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