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    It depends how much coverage your foundation gives.

    If it were me this is what I would do.

    1. Wash face
    2. tone (lol, I hardley ever do this)
    3. apply serum, for my skin/primer
    4. moisturiser
    5. leave it all to settle for a bit
    6. light concealer over the dark marks/ under eye bags
    7. apply foundation (I use Mac studio fix) so I use a flat top brush, that is a bit like a kabuki brush

    I found that using a brush, means I use less make up, an get an even look...tis is good for my purse (student times/ me being naturally inclined to beiing cheap) and a good look on my face
    Its all my opinion, or knowledge
    Don't be offended
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    Always use a primer first, it helps the make-up to glide on, look smoother & last longer & if you are using a cream or liquid formula always set with a powder to lock it in.

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    If you have acne scars, firstly you should apply to primer on face. It covers dark marks. Then apply the foundation with add some moisturizing cream. You can use sponge or brush for mix it.

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    I think you should follow the steps that I give to you to have the realest skin ever after making up
    step 1: put on slide of vitamin E cream (this can be found easily in pharmacy or drug store or cosmetic stores...) Let it dry for 2-3 mins
    Step 2: Massage
    Step 3: Put on a layer of primer (you should consider about kind of skin or any scars or dark circles around eyes to choose the most suitable primer product)
    step 4: then you can put on foundation (but in small layer)
    after that, you can do as normal.

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