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    The late David Wilkerson's message has indeed blessed me. How did I NOT find him before his passing? How could there have been a church in the middle of Times Square and not once have I noticed?

    God is a good God indeed; I found a church.
    In time I've come to wonder why; why can't I have my blueberry muffin batter ice cream?

    Six Inch Challege FTW! Hair type- 4 whatever it is.

    Try Jesus, and if you don't like him the devil will always take you back.
    Thanks, Ev!

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    I've listened to him and I like him a lot tragic and sad how he died....I also like Carter Conlon

    Hair Length: NL
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    Last Relaxer: 08/29/12
    Hair Type: 4 a/b

    *Growth Buddy Hannalight*

    Hair Challenges:
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    365 Days With The Bible

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    hello nice to post here

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    Hello. Thank the Lord that the coal miners are going back to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coalburner View Post
    Hello. Thank the Lord that the coal miners are going back to work.
    Yeah man. Gotta love some burnin coal!

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