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  1. Default Hair loss treatment for my daughter?

    Hey all,
    What is your opinion about doing hair loss surgery for my 12-year-old daughter? She is suffering from severe hair loss and had tried almost all the available products to get rid of it, but nothing could help her. While browsing, I read that hair loss surgery is an effective way for hair growth. I'm thinking of getting help from a hair loss clinic in Toronto ( Hair Loss Treatments For Women | Hair Transplant - CHTC Toronto ), but I'm confused as well. Does anyone here had tried such hair loss treatments? Is it suitable for a 12-year-old girl? Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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    I had the same problem, I tried many things until I discovered some pills that I buy it in farmaciamiriam, called Viviscal. You could try.
    Anyway, I encourage you to talk to a specialized center in hair loss. They can guide you better than anyone.
    All the best.

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    For such a young girl is it not necessary to go in for surgery. A healthy diet is very essential for your daughter. You can even try some home remedies which are safe and good for the hair.

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    Default hair loss

    i think hair transplant for 12 year old girl is not worth fully . kindly consult with best doctor.
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    I don't think hair transplant is recommended for a 12-year-old child. It is better to seek an expert's advice.

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    I think you shouldnt use medical or supplement for her. you should use natural products and usually massage scalp in order to promote blood circulation, which will support hair grow faster. And the most important is nutrients for hair, you need to add more vitamin E and protein, iron into meals. It really helps.

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