Ok.. so I have just started a new job in a nursing home as an aide and one of the residents under my normal assignment is an 82 year old black woman. Part of my job is to get her ready for the day, which includes doing her hair and sometimes washing it. I am hoping to get some advice on how to do her hair. I have asked around and apparently no one there tries to do anything with her hair because no one really knows what to do? (Also for some background, I?m white and have no experience doing black hair and I have not seen any coworkers yet who are black who I could even ask.) Also this resident is mostly non verbal and also does not have good use of her hands anymore for me to even be able to ask her how she would like things done through writing or anything. I have not seen her have any family members visit or anywhere either. It is basically up to me to figure this out and I really don?t want to continue this cycle of leaving her with no hair care being given to her. I would love any basic advice about anything (products, simple styles suitable for an older person.... anything!!) She currently has a shampoo and a mousse that are not very good quality as they are the ones provided by the facility for people who don?t have their own and are probably the cheapest products available on earth. I am open to getting her shampoo/conditioner/products if they are on the less expensive side to start and I am hoping that if everything works out I can tell the facility that she needs to start being supplied with those products. Right now her hair is very very dry and frizzy and is not what I would call curly, but has tiny little kinks all through it that kind of make it stand up. She maybe has about 3 or 4 inches of length from root to tip and if I try to pull her hair back into a ponytail there are shorter pieces in the front that don?t quite make it to the back and end up being big and fuzzy.