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    Default Curly Hair Styles

    Its me again... Yesterday I watched America's Next Top Model and I just love Yaya's hair. My hair isn't long enough to wear that look and I would need a weave.

    I'm new to weaves for the most part so forgive my simple questions. Is it best to go with a full weave for a curly look? Can someone recommend the best type of hair to purchase? I work out a lot so I would want to wash it regularly. I read somewhere that you can purchase hair that will curl after you wash it and let it air dry without tangling up.

    Thanks in advance for any help...

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    You can buy Indian hair in whatever length you choose to rock. Make sure you get the curly Indian or Malaysian hair in curly form. That way, if you work out alot and you need to wash your hair, all you would need to do is wash conditon, comb out and let it dry.ohhh dont forget that leave in conditioner tooo. You are good to go! Hope this helps!

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    definently use human hair. remy is the best but i did find this really great hair from LOV. i recommend giving it a try. it is really good quality for the money

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    Brazillian is good!
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    Instead run your hands through small sections of your hair at a time, from your roots to your tips.

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    Human hair and wave hair will be more beautiful !
    The way to wash hair

    The first step to our guide to the best way to wash your hair extensions is to mix half a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of shampoo. We recommend using a shampoo that’s been specifically designed for dry hair, as this will intensely moisturise and nourish your hair extensions, rather than add volume or protect colour


    Next, fill a stain-resistant bowl or sink with warm water and pour the diluted shampoo into it. Before putting the hair extensions into the water, detangle them by brushing out the ends, the mid-lengths and then from the roots to the ends to get rid of all the knots. cause Soaking the hair with water before straightening it out can lead to even worse tangles and knots, some of which may be impossible to remove without taking a pair of scissors to them. To avoid this mess, a comb can be used to gently separate the strands starting from the bottom and gradually moving to the top of the extension. Starting from the bottom is one way to avoid breaking off tangled bits unnecessarily.Now, here's how to wash your hair extensions: gently place the extensions into the water and leave them to cleanse for no more than ten minutes. Don’t be tempted to swish or swirl the hair around as this will only cause the hair extensions to tangle!


    After washing the hair extensions, remove them from the water and rinse them under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top of the weft. Letting the water run through them will help rinse away the shampoo and fully wash your hair extensions.


    Once you have finished washing your hair extensions, gently squeeze out any excess water before laying them flat on a dry towel. Next up, apply a good quality conditioning treatment to the extensions. We love to use a leave-in conditioner or an Argan oil treatment like the Osmo Berber Oil Argan Oil Treatment to moisturise our clip-ins. Fold the hair extensions into a clean towel and leave them be for one hour before rinsing the product away.


    The next step in our guide to how to wash your hair extensions is to apply more conditioner to your hair extensions (you can use more conditioner on hair extensions than you would on natural hair, as it’s harder for them to get greasy!). When you've applied and rinsed out the conditioner, fold your clip-ins up in a clean towel and leave them to dry naturally overnight. If you're in a hurry, leaving them in an airing cupboard or by a radiator can speed up the process.(remember ;Making sure to dry your hair thoroughly is very important, Otherwise, a weave left wet runs the risk of acquiring mold, which will leave your hair smelling far worse than before. )


    Finally, comb or brush through your hair extensions when dry (remember, you should always comb your extensions working from the ends upwards but donn't comb wet hair.Your hair is in a delicate state when it is wet. Hence, avoid combing in such condition as it leads to hair fall and hair breakage." ).

    STEP seven
    Replace your weave on a regular basis. Weaves will lose some of their lustre over time, so it's generally good form to replace them around every three months. Even natural hair weaves are fairly inexpensive, so making purchasing a new set part of your routine is a great way to maximize your look!

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    I would go with the natural hair. What about curls, it depends on your face type and many other factors. Try to google different curl types and imagine which one will be better for you.

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