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    Question Affirm or ORS olive oil no lye relaxer

    Hi ladies,

    I could really use your help. I am natural with thin and fragile 4a(mostly)/4b hair.
    I've been natural for over 2 years now.. Before that i had one session of keratin treatment done at a salon which i didn't like and felt it caused more hair breakage than i already had, so i did not do it again.

    Now my hair is doing ok, but is so hard to manage, always matted together and tangled with knots that i see along hair strands (which truly irritates me) and very difficult to wash and detangle . I feel whatever breakage i keep seeing whenever i detangle it is due to these facts, so i decided to relax it hoping it would stop all that and make my life easier.

    I really need your advice on what relaxer to use; Affirm or ORS olive oil . I don't really want a bone straight hair, i just want to use a relaxer that is less harsh on my hair and would leave my hair soft and bouncy..

    What do you think lovely ladies ?!!

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    I really wanna know how your hair feels every time you use either of these two relaxers to help me decide ..
    Hair .....
    - Type: Fine 4a natural
    - Length: BSL/APL
    - Goal: MBL, Healthy

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    I've never used these relaxers...sorry. Hopefully someone who has will give you feedback soon.

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    I use Affirm and love it. I have hair almost to my waist and it is relaxed and I have had no problem.

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    I hear great things about ORS, people often say Affirm is too strong, but never tried either one.

    4B, Relaxed 8/10/2014
    Transitioning to texturized

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