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    Default Ancient Egyptian wig

    Historians and archaeologists believe that most ancient Egyptians kept their hair cropped very short or shaved altogether as a means of combating the hot climate. Wigs were worn on special occasions. Historians have recorded that most artistic representations of ancient Egyptians depict the subject wearing a wig. At a point, even false beards were worn by men.

    If that’s the case, then, one would think we’d have museums awash in Egyptian wigs. However, they are rather difficult to come by. This wig was found in a tomb in Thebes, and was, remarkably, in its original box. Still in excellent condition, this wig is constructed of human hair which has been pressed into a molded wax scalp. Hundreds of individual hairs were pressed into the wax. The upper layer of the wig is comprised of bleached human hair which has been curled. Each curl has been impregnated with wax so that it will hold its shape.

    Since being brought into the collection of the British Museum, this hairpiece was studied by a prominent wigmaker who declared the coiffure to be just as sturdy and as masterfully made as any modern wig. No wonder it’s lasted as long as it has.

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    Whoa this is crazy

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    Interesting. Looks like a wig that could be worn today almost.

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    Default Wigs

    Hi there, this is so interesting. I am always interested in the history. I have read somewhere that in ancient time braids were a favorite form of hair extension, and some were woven into intricate designs to give more length and greater style. According to Fletcher, a man buried at Mostagedda had used thread to fasten lengths of human hair to his own. The wavy brown hair of Queen Meryet-Amun had been filled out around the crown and temples with tapered braids. She was also buried, as many well-to-do women, with a duplicate set of braids. It seems as though the things that were, still is existing today. We wear these types of hair styles today. I always used to serach on the internet and found few todays websites like brzhair, Ehair Wig and many others which still provide this type of wigs with the modern ones.

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    Wow, thats crazy and informative! I almost find it hard to believe that this wig could be that old! It looks amazing and well maintained...I've seen wigs from this year already that look far worse than that

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