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    Default What's your hair type?

    I'm a 4a/b and I'm relaxed but not bone str8 so maybe I'm texlaxed by accident.

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    same here Anti Hair Slave.
    I dont mind if my hair is underprocessed. As long as my scalp and hair are healthy!
    Its all my opinion, or knowledge
    Don't be offended
    Hair id 4BNLBSL/APLTL
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    I'm a natural 4B all over with a little 4A in the top.

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    Default Help!

    I need help determining my hair type.
    It's Naturally Shiny[after washed and straightened]
    My ends are 4a
    And my Roots and down are 3b/4a.[When I look at it almost very,very loose kinky then gets Kinkier at the ends]
    So is my 4a or 3b or both????? ?Helpp me!

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    Probably both. You can have more than one hair type.

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    My hair type is 4 a/b which is weird b/c My mom has 4a and my dad is about 3c/4a. I think I have hair like my grandmother.
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    Im 4a all over

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    I am sure I am a 4a/b, will know for sure once I BC .
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    3c , Hmmmm I think I may be 3 b at the back of my head
    I don't like being 3c my hair is so fragile..Sometimes I think I may go natural but who knows

    I am 3c relaxed
    I am Apl
    BSb by December 2012
    Full BSL by March 2013
    MBL June 2013
    Let's see if I can!
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    I dunno... I 'suck' at typing Can I just say I'm natural n nappy??
    4c - au naturale-never BC'd last relaxer: October 2008
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