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    Default L.O.I.S Hair Typing.

    I found this and thought it would be a good resource for people who might not like using Andre Walker's system.


    The following is the text of the PDF.

    What's My Hair Type?

    What's My Hair Type?

    by Ms SNIPS

    Hair is quite varied due to our genetic makeup which in many cases incorporates different races. However, this
    diversity which is responsible for the wide and beautiful range of hair types in African American women, can make proper
    hair care frustrating. To ease this frustration, some hair care professionals developed hierarchical systems to categorize
    hair types.
    Unfortunately, while those system extensively describe some hair types, it lumps African Americans into a single
    category unintentionally encouraging the old "good hair" "bad hair" mindset.

    Here at OurHair, our goal is to encourage healthy hair as well as a healthy mindset which has led to the creation of a
    new system of hair typing called LOIS. We are very excited about LOIS because she incorporates all aspects of African
    American hair types, eliminates the need for a hierarchical system and breaks away from the "good hair" "bad hair"

    Before you begin, please keep in mind that a healthy, undamaged, virgin hair strand, meaning one that is not
    processed, relaxed or colored, is needed.

    Examine Your Hair Strand

    Select a single strand of the most common type of hair on your head. Aim for the most common texture on your head if
    you have different hair textures. The hair should be freshly washed without products applied to it and rinsed in cold
    water. Or, gently rinse a single hair with a little dish detergent and rinse in cold water. Allow the hair to dry on a bit of
    paper towel so that you can look at the pattern without touching it.

    Find Your Pattern

    The bends, kinks and coils of your hair will resemble one of more of the letters L, O, I or S.

    - L - If the hair has all bends, right angles and folds with little to no curve then you are daughter L.

    O - If the strand is rolled up into the shape of one or several zeros like a spiral, then you are daughter O.

    I - If the hair lies mostly flat with no distinctive curve or bend you are daughter I.

    - S - If the strand looks like a wavy line with hills and valleys then you are daughter S.

    You may have a combination of the L,O,I,S letters, possibly with one dominant. If you cannot see one letter over the
    others, then combine the letters. Example: LO or IL or OS.

    Find Your Strand Size

    A strand of frayed thread is about the thickness of a medium sized strand of human hair. If your strand is larger than
    this, then your hair is thick. If your strand is smaller than this, hair is thin, or fine.

    Find Your Texture

    Shine is a sharp reflection of light while Sheen is a dull reflection of light.

    - Thready - Hair as a low sheen, with high shine if the hair is held taut (as in a braid), with low frizz. Wets easily but water dries out quickly.

    Wiry - Hair has a sparkly sheen, with low shine and low frizz. Water beads up or bounces off the hair strands. Hair
    never seems to get fully wet.

    Cottony - Hair has a low sheen, a high shine if the hair is held taunt and has high frizz. Absorbs water quickly but
    does not get thoroughly wet very fast.

    Spongy - Hair has a high sheen with low shine with a compacted looking frizz. Absorbs water before it gets
    thoroughly wet.

    - Silky - Hair has low sheen, a very high shine, with a lot or low frizz. Easily wets in water.

    Other Hair Typing Systems

    Although we will no longer use Andre Walker's hair type system as explained in his book "Andre Talks Hair," many of
    you are familiar with it and may wish to continue using it.

    Generally speaking, Andre's system could stand a few additional letters in the alphabet, but we feel that his intent was to
    give a general indication of hair types and not a definitive answer to all hair. Many of you will fall in between Andre's
    descriptions which we hope you will keep in mind as you develop a hair care regimen that works best for you.

    Andre types hair from 1 to 4, 1 being the straightest and 4 the curliest:

    - Type 1a and 1b hair is straight with no curl or wave. This hair type has a lot of shine and tends to be oily.

    Hair that Andre classifies as Type 2a and 2b has some soft waves but little or no curl. It tends to be coarse and stays
    clings to the scalp in long S shaped curves. This hair type has very little body, though styling products can help it along.

    Type 3a and 3b hair has a definite "S" pattern to it which is usually fine textured and soft. It does not have as much
    shine as Type 1 or 2 hair, but it does have a lot of natural body. When this hair type is wet, it straightens out, but then
    draws up into a curlier state as it dries.

    - Andre classifies Type 4 hair as kinky textured hair which he defines as being tightly curled. Type 4 hair can be wiry
    and very fragile. It is also drier than other hair types because the twists in the hair make it harder for the scalp's sebum to
    reach the ends. Type 4a's hair strand has an "S" shape like spirals.

    Type 4b has the characteristics of Type 4a, but the hair strand has a zig zag shape like "Z". This makes it more
    fragile than all of the other hair types and it should be handled accordingly.

    OurHair Copyright 2004 all rights reserved.

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    This is interesting. I do not know my type, I read this and I am going to do the test tonight. I think I have many types in my head. Can't wait to see what happens, I'll let you guys know.

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    Maybe I'm S but the other stuff when right over my head

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    Figuring out strand size:
    Get a piece of sewing thread and unwind it, then compare that to a strand of you hair.

    The texture thing totally throws me off, but I'll figure it out for you ladies and get back to you. ^^
    Currently on a honey bandwagon.

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    I'll stick with 4a/b

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Anti Hair Slave View Post
    I'll stick with 4a/b

    I 2nd that!
    Its all my opinion, or knowledge
    Don't be offended
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    I third it.
    After plucking out a poor hair to try it on and getting no discernible result... I'm just keeping to 4b.

    That typing system must be for ladies with waaaay more time than us. XD
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    I found this very helpful. that andre walker system seemed to leave me out. and the pics are all the same that describe type 4

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    There's like more to type 4 than they realize and I think He was a little lazy with it. It's easier to lump it together than deal with a large group with mixed textured
    In time I've come to wonder why; why can't I have my blueberry muffin batter ice cream?

    Six Inch Challege FTW! Hair type- 4 whatever it is.

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    I can't be that concerned about hair types. LOIS and Andre's system too??? WOW...

    I mean, can I just say I have kinky curly hair? Can I just leave it like that????

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