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    Default How to flat iron ?

    Ladies what are your steps to flat ironing?Please list steps and products used.

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    I normally do some kind of pre-poo not necessary but I normally do a pre-poo with coconut oil/caramel treatment/coconut and lime. But like I said not necessary.

    Shampoo with which ever shampoo is in roation that week

    Towel dry then apply Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructuriser and blowdry on medium heat but high speed using the comb attatchment.

    Then flat iron, I normally use Fantasia IC Serum/spray (in the pink bottle) on each section before ironing. But the last time I had gone through a few sections before realising that I hadn't used the serum so I continued with out it and my hair had never felt nicer. It was light and bouncy. When I had finished I put a little bit of the serum in my hands, ran it through my hair and then combed it through, it was rediculously shiney but still not weighed down.
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    Well I'm Going To Start Pre-pooing As We Speak But This Is What I Mostly Do .
    1. I Wash Hair With Shampoo
    2.Condition With Profectiv Inner Strengthening Conditioner,
    3.Then I Use Profectiv BreakFree Leave In Cond. And Let It Sit In For 15 Minutes
    4.Then I Really Don't Use Anything But My Thermal Protectant Spary And Maybe Some Oil To Give It Shine And Fullness.
    HTH ! PM If You Want More Details .
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    Deep Condition
    Seal with Castor Oil
    Flat iron
    Bced: Oct. 16th, 2009
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    I wash with shampoo (A nexxus shampoo or Aphogee deep moisture shampoo)
    I use a protein reconstructor (Aphogee 2 minute or Millennia mud reconstructor)
    I DC (Nexxus Phyto Organics Humectin or Nectaress)
    I put in a little Aphogee green tea or Aphogee provitamin leave in
    Spray on a little of one of my Nexxus Leave ins
    Air dry
    Apply a heat protectant to the ends first then throughout my hair (Redken smooth down, CHI silk infusion, or CHI iron guard)
    Flat iron on 320 degrees with my beloved SEDU (or the Instyler if I'm not that many weeks post)
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    Protein treatment (Aphogee 2min)
    Moisture DC (whatever I have on-hand)
    Blowdry w/ Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin spray
    Flat iron w/ GVP iron on ~320 using, I believe, an IC polisher


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    Here are my steps:

    1. I wash with a standard shampoo with no special properties.
    2. Do NOT condition. Conditioning allots for reversion. I, instead, use a heat protectant of choice. I use either ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer or Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist.
    3. I blowdry small sections with a pik attachment on medium heat/high speed, working from ends to roots.
    4. I section hair in small sections, apply a tad bit of Coconut Oil to ends.
    5. I proceed to flat iron with my Maxiglide on setting 5/10 (I turn it up slightly in coarser areas). I pass through at about a few seconds per section, depending on how many inches. It is recommended to stay at a particular section no longer than two to three seconds. I figure since my flat iron is 2", I can pass through each section of my hair, at 18" in about 5-7 seconds.
    6. Proceed to flat iron until finished.
    **. Sometimes, I'll add mousse to the ends and roll with plastic rollers. It dries in like 15-20 minutes airdrying. It gives curl without using a curling iron (or more heat).
    **. At night, I pull all my hair up into a top knot and put a scarf around edges.
    3b/3c // M/C // ii

    Wash and condition weekly.
    Allow to air dry.
    Apply oils to hair and scalp.
    Gently brush through and wear a simple style.

    -I allow my hair to dry almost completely before styling, brushing or combing (aside from shower detangling).
    -I trim only when absolutely necessary.
    -I only wear like one or two oils. Products are too complicated sometimes.

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    Shampoo with a moisturize shampoo
    treat with aphogee 2 min reconstructor
    Deep condition w/ humecto or ors replen pak
    Allow hair to air dry after washing out dc concoction
    Once hair is completely dry spray CHI iron guard
    Flat iron hair in 1' sections

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    When I flat iron I:

    1. Deep condition with a mix of one egg and olive oil

    2. Shampoo with Burt's Bees

    3. Spray in Nexxus heat protector

    4. Blow dry out hair well in sections

    5. Apply 100% pure avocado oil (got it from vita-mart store) in sections

    6. Flat iron with hot comb and stove irons
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    Does anyone have any good links on the actual process? i have been thinking about getting a flat iron but i don't know if i will be able to manage the process.
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