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    Default suggestions please !!!

    Hello everyone here,
    I am Naty. I am 20+. I badly face hair loss problem. It was two weeks before that I noticed about this. I don't know what to do? It's increasing as days passing. Sometimes I find more of hair lying on the floor than on my head after combing. Thought it would be because of the climatic changes. But it was not that. I am badly in need of a good suggestion. One of my friends visited my place last day. Seeing my hair, she suggested to undergo a hair transplantation treatment from Seager Medicals at Toronto. I googled it yesterday night, and found an article ( http://http://www.seagerhairtranspla...ir-transplant/ ) on criterion being a candidate for hair transplant treatment which I found it genuine and could relate it to my situation.
    Can anyone here help me out to come out of my situation?
    Have anyone here, undergone similar situations that I faced?
    Sorry for making it long, but please do revert back and help me come out of my situation.

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    First of all I would like to tell you 20 years is not a right age for hair transplantation. 25 years is consider the right age for hair transplant surgery. Well when it comes about hair loss then you're not the only individual, all most everyone is facing this situation. What we have to do is finding out the root cause of hair loss, and a hair doctor can help us in this situation. Fist try some home made remedy to prevent hair fall. Home remedies will definitely help you. In case if did not get good result then get hair loss treatment therapy like low level laser therapy, Mesotherapy etc.

    Fo home remedies you can read this great article (Hair Loss Causes & Treatment)

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    Thank you for the reply.
    Planning consult a Doc asap

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    Hi Naty!

    Your situation is actually worth taking action upon as it is quite alarming at this age. At first, all I can say is that you should go and consult a well-reputed dermatologist near you so that he could suggest you the best diet as well as multi-vitamins or hair care products to take. Secondly, you should not go for a hair transplant as this is not the right age for that (as already said by eugenix). On the other hand, for the time being you can try some natural remedies if not, I am going to recommend you a products for hair fall that is; GKhair THE BEST and GKhair deep conditioner.

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    Hello Naty!
    You are too young to get a hair transplant, its a straight NO!! Secondly, get an appointment at first instant from a well-reputed dermatologist as suggested by maryware77 too. Waste no more time and consult now.

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    I would like to suggest you to go for hair consultation by reputed hair transplant clinic in your locality & doctor will analysis your hair condition and suggest your proper solution on it.
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