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  1. Default My Thin Hair and PRP Treatment

    Hello friends, Anyone here who is planning to get PRP therapy for hair restoration or to solve thin hair problems. If yes, I wrote this thread for you.

    Previously I got a successful PRP thread from a reputed doctor and now I am sharing my experience and views with you to make you more confident. My hairs are very thin from a long time and by using a number of cosmetic products or shampoos har become so weak and dry. One of my friends, book my appoint with a PRP specialist and I got this treatment. Within a few PRP sessions, I notice the growth in my hairs. Now, I have a huge density os natural black, healthy and shiny hairs just because of PRPR therapy. I give a great thanks to this technique and recommended to all of you for this therapy.

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    Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the permanent solutions hair thinning. PRP therapy is a non-surgical method to regrow natural hairs. So it is the best solution to hair loss for those who do not want to undergo hair transplant surgery.

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