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  1. Default Best Technique for Permanent Hair Restoration

    There are various temporary and permanent, surgical and non- surgical procedures of hair restoration. Hair transplant can be considered as the most effective way of hair restoration. Hair transplant is a surgery in which the surgeon removes hair from the donor part of your head in the form of grafts or strips, depending upon on the treatment.

    The extracted hair are then transplanted upon the recipient part of the head with the help of incision. FUE is considered the best hair transplant method. It is an advanced method and doesn?t form scars. It is also minimally invasive as compared to the other hair transplant methods.
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    There are various treatments to regrow natural hairs including FUE, FUT & PRP therapy. Each treatment has its own characteristics. FUE is one of the most trusted treatments by people, but it varies according to the condition that which treatment is most suitable. So it is always suggested to get an opinion from an experienced surgeon to decide which treatment is best for you.

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