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  1. Default Women speaking out about Wen hair product causing bald spots

    Women sue WEN for hair loss after using conditioner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrJdpY9SI-Q those ingredients are dynamite hell...... more videos on youtube when you search WEN Your Hair Breaks OFF......
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  2. Default Substance Abuse Treatment Center

    The website for the WEN hair products then states below these claims on the webpage. The WEN hair care brand of cleansing conditioner causes hair. Some of them claim bald spots appeared after using Dean's Cleansing Conditioner. Our products should only ever help promote healthy hair growth while also. they are saying here everytime they have asked to speak to there doctors. I am African American woman with coarse and thick hair and WEN products.
    Cenikor is committed to helping people deal with behavioral health issues and addictions by providing a full continuum of care. Cenikor has a variety of programs including short-term and long-term inpatient programs, detoxification, outpatient and intensive outpatient services. Cenikor also provides adolescent short-term inpatient treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient care.... Substance Abuse Treatment Center

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    I was thinking of purchasing WEN, but now I see this post and I'm glad I didn't.

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    Wow, maybe it was something wrong with that batch

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