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    Default Styling options after breakage to roots from Japanese Liscio treatment

    My daughter, bi-racial 23 year old, got the Japanese Liscio treatment and now 5 months later has breakage to roots on parts of her head. She doesn't want to go back to weaves which she used for 2-3 years to grow her hair out and can't relax or use other chemicals on hair because all her hair will probably breakoff all over. Is there any natural ways to straighten the roots coming out and to prevent further breakage? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    You might want to track down a trichologist for help. Once breakage reaches the roots, to my understanding, that's it. In the mean time, your daughter might want to do all the moisturizing deep conditioning treatments she can every week or maybe more (she might want to experiment and IGNORE what many stylists have to say unless they are reputable trichologists as well.)

    I'm sorry for the stress of all that. I wish you luck.
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