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    Default Split Ends Protection

    I am akimsmith from USA. I am discussed here some remedies to protect from Split Ends:-

    Egg is one of the best remedy to protect hair from Split Ends, dryness and dullness.
    Papaya:- You can use papaya as a hair mask for about 30 minutes and wash off.
    Honey:- Honey is the great treatment for Split Ends. Mix a spoon for full honey and some curd and massage on hair and hair end . let stay it 30 minute and wash off.

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    I didn't knew that there are other ways than trimming to get rid of split ends. I would really like to try out things you suggested. Has these tips worked out for anyone? how much time it takes to work?

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    I also hate it when there's split-ends !!
    I recommend the R&B Phyton Therapy Nourishing Two Phase.
    The milky silicone emulsion factor creates a protective film on the surface of hair to prevent the static electricity
    and for luster and silky softness.
    It really enriched my damaged hair, and now it's soft and silky!!! I just love this one !!!!!
    This is on SALE at thehairrock.com Make sure to get this at a reasonable price

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