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    Default Hair thinning and megatek

    Hey everyone! I'm new, I'm only 22 year old male and My hair started balding / thinning at around he beginning of this year so I'm trying to fight back or slow down the process as much as possible and I have a question I just started using megatek last week and I mixed it about 60 % megatek and 40% castor oil and apply it to my hair wet or dry for about 30 mins and also talk garlic pills just in case of hair fall out. I mean some people talk about seeing hair thickness change within like the first few days it hasn't happened to me but I just want to make sure I'm doing things right! Any help is appreciated. Hair thinning this early is such a sad thing for me because it really hurts my health esteem thanks for any help !!!!

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    I hate thinning hair.

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    I too heard megatek and castor oil help to grow hair fast but I haven't tried them. One of my friends has undergone hair transplant surgery from a clinic in Toronto as he was going bald. I think it would be better for you to undergo this procedure if your hair loss is hurting your health esteem.

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    You should go to a doctor to know the actual cause for your hair loss. It can be due to genetic cause, stress or lack of nutrients in your diet. So if it is because of genetic reasons then these remedies will not help you. You can solve you hair thinning problem only after finding the main reason behind it.

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