Decided to do something different. All the threads and forum topics are transitioning to natural. This one is for people going from natural to chemically processed. How are you going to transition? What are your goals? What hair care regimines are you going to use to prep your hair?

I'm transitioning from locs/braids to thio based relaxing. I went from thermal perm to locs withhair extentions. I've had them for two plus years. I decided to end this phase because it's too time consuming to keep up with the locs and too much new growth causes my head discomfort. Since I'm coming out of locs I'm not going to relax my hair for at least a couple of months to give my scalp time to heal. I'm going to cut the locs so I'm starting off with a twa. I plan on incorporating fermented rice and scurl bagging. I'm using tea tree oil, argon oil, and a sulfate free deep conditioner as a leave in. For my relaxer I plan on using Hawaiian Silky cold wave system with out rods for straightening.