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    I normally do twist outs, but today I wil take out my combo platt twist on my head and satin strip braid out on the ends. pictures coming soon.
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    Twist-out and braid-outs are beautiful! I do twist-outs about 99% of the time. There are different ways you can do them. You can do them on wet or dry hair. Braid outs usually elongate your hair more and have a tighter curl. Twist outs usually give you a more wavy pattern in my opinion. As far as products the cantu butter will be fine. I use shea butter to do my twist outs at night. If you do the twist outs or braid outs on wet hair... in my opinion you will not need gel. When twist outs or braid outs are done on wet hair you usually get a really tight defined outcome. However, on dry hair your might want to use a small amount of gel if you like to have a more defined look but the cantu butter will be good to do your twist outs and braid outs with.
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