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    Quote Originally Posted by kita View Post
    Maybe you need to look at something lighter Almond oil or Coconut oil on your hair enough to keep it moist. I would not put oil on the scalp just enough on the hair to suffice. Is your scalp dry? The scalp forms it's own oil. Black heads come from clog pores and/or skin or material stuck in the hair follicule. Whatever you are using could be clogging the pores. Brush your hair it help you to stimulate the scalp and to exfoliate the scalp. Exfoliating help to remove the dead skin 1x a week.

    There are different types of brushes some volumize the hair others smooth etc. Invest in a good brush remember becareful with the hair you just want to even the oils through the hair and exfoliate.

    I gave you the oil solution and scalp.

    Do not oil the scalp/exfoliate the scalp to remove the dead skin. Seabreeze is a great estringent it also stimulate the scalp. Stimulation helps the hair to grow.

    I actually reseached this information for you and feel comfortable that it will help.
    Wow, thanks that's very helpful, I will keep that in my mind!

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    Default Jojoba OIl

    Jojoba oil is not supposed to be clogging to the pores and it is great for the hair.
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    When you have tried my posting let me know. If that doesn't work we will try something else until we get it right. I thought about the face and applied it to the hair. I will also ask my doctor she is from the island and we have a good relationship.
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    hi there-i know i'm replying to an old post-but i've been searching whom has had this blackhead issue-your description is almost identical to my current experience..what happened next with you?

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    Do you use Grease or oil on your hair. Remember Grease clogs the pores. Oh, you said temple palm is that a thick base or is it oil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by btru2u View Post
    Have anybody experience blackheads in your scalp if so how you get rid of them?
    Cut off your head.

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