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    Default You Feel Like You're Doing Everything Right, But It's Still Breaking--CLICK NOW!

    I came across this post on the NET and it seems helpful, thought I would share remember I didn't write this, it is just for tips really!

    To the A+ Haircare Queens:
    This thread is more for someone who for the most part has healthy hair care habits, but you still run into an occasional problem which usually results in you saying something like this: "I am getting more breakage than I'm used to." OR "I am getting more breakage than I'm comfortable with." OR "I am getting more breakage than I usually get since I've started taking better care of my hair." If one of these statements describes you, then read on my dear.

    To the not so A+ Haircare Queens:
    I would like to say that if you are a regular heat user and/or engager in other unhealthy hair practices regularly then this thread is not specifically geared toward you, because we could probably easily solve your problem by telling you to STOP with the unhealthy hair practices. However, you may find some information that is helpful here. Also, if you decide to become rehabilitated and start taking wonderful care of your hair, then the possible solutions below might really come in handy for you as your hair may still be affected by the unhealthy hair practices for a while after you stop them. You can help your hair along.

    Okay, to the A+ Haircare Queens, possible reasons for your breakage:

    *one bad trip to the salon
    *one bad trip to yourself
    *good regimen, but with low quality hair products
    *inconsistency or slacking in your regimen
    *shampooing too often with drying shampoos
    *build up on your hair

    I'm sure there are other reasons that I didn't think of. I also didn't mention seasonal shedding because that's normal and natural. But you may have clicked on this thread because you are perceiving your seasonal shedding as something to get nervous about.

    I also didn't mention the fact that as your hair increases in length, each hair in the comb will begin to look like many more. A 20 inch hair wrapped around the teeth of a comb looks like much more hair than a 12 inch hair wrapped around the comb. This could be it too! Okay

    Possible solutions

    Solution A: Start with a clarifying shampoo. I mean a real clarifying shampoo, not a shampoo that you use as your clarifying shampoo. Actual clarifying shampoos have ingredients in them that will specifically remove build up from your hair. Your other shampoo may just be a stripping shampoo, but you could still have that build up. I usually don't know that I need to clarify until I'm trying to rinse a conditioner from my hair that usually detangles very well, but it won't detangle. OR--sometimes I know before that if I'm experiencing breakage.

    After your clarifying session (lather 2X if you deem it necessary) rinse well and follow with a moisturizing shampoo. I do not recommend Cream of Nature shampoo as it will instantly add build up right back to your hair. After your moisturizing shampoo, continue on with one of your favorite quality moisturizing conditioners. Follow on with what you would normally do after applying a moisturizing conditioner. Air dry or rollerset. Heat is forbidden at this point. We are trying to make your hair better. When your hair is dry, moisturize it with an oil or other moisturizing product that you like. From this point on, everyday you need to moisturize your hair twice daily. No shampoo of any sort for 2 weeks--conditioner only. I do not recommend daily conditioner washes. 1-3/week. After 2 weeks, you may use a moisturizing shampoo if you are feeling that you really need shampoo after 2 weeks of no 'poo, BUT dilute your moisturizing shampoo with water. Hopefully, by this time--you have seen some improvement in your hair. If not, read on------->

    Solution B:

    The moisturizing regimen is not working for you. Breaking hair needs moisture. If it's breaking, it's just saying that it's dry and too brittle to hold together. But sometimes your hair will not hold on to the moisture you're giving it. Hair can hold moisture better if it has a good supply of protein. So at this point, I would have you to clarify, follow with a moisturizing shampoo and then apply your protein conditioner. For your moisturizing shampoo, I strongly recommend one of these: Deep Brilliance Hydration, Keracare Hydrating Detangling, or Design Essentials Moisture Retention. Why these 3? These shampoos contain an ingredient called carboxylic acid. From a chemistry standpoint, a carboxylic acid group is able to readily bind to amino acids. What does that mean for your hair? That means that the carboxylic acid is going to help your hair to better bind the protein. (because proteins are made of amino acids). I hope it makes sense, but even if it doesn't--just trust a sista on this one. I'm going to strongly recommend one of the following for your protein treatment that will follow your moisturizing shampoo:

    *Joico K-Pak (don't use generic, it's not nearly as good)
    *Motions Moisture Silk Protein OR CPR
    *Ultra Sheen Duo Tex
    *Dudley Cream Protein
    *Regis Protein Boost

    Of course there are many others, whichever you choose, follow it with a (quality) moisturizing conditioner of course. Continue your regimen as your normally would. NO HEAT. Moisturize 2X daily. No shampoo for 2 weeks. First shampoo after the 2 weeks, dilute moisturizing 'poo with water.

    By the way, at the 3rd week you may find that you need to use non-diluted shampoo or even clarifying shampoo again. This is fine for both A & B.
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    WOW, you learn something new everyday!

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    Good Info...Thanks For the Tip

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    This is truly networking.
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    Thank you....Learned something new
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    Thanks Leen!

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    lol @"one bad trip to yourself"

    I had a bad salon visit (I think it's a first!) this past weekend! grrr

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    Thanks for the information.
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    Can you clarify with Neutralizing Shampoo??

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