Have you ever seen those Instagram videos featuring black women showing off their beautiful long flowing locks?

These videos totally draw us (hair lovers) in, because it?s not that often that we see black women with the lengths, grades and textures of hair these videos feature.

As you watch them, I'm certain all sorts of questions (pertaining to ethnicity, hair product use and hair care maintenance) start running through your mind.

I personally think of tons of questions while viewing them myself.

But, before you can put any of those questions into words, a pair of scary hands appear on the video out of nowhere and start slowly pulling the front of the woman's hair toward the back of her head, wait for it! A shocking reveal?a head full of cornrows.

Also revealed?the woman's beautiful God given locks that we had all instantaneously fallen in love with weren?t her natural locks at all, and God didn?t give them to her. China did.

I must admit, I've been played and bamboozled one to many times by these entertaining and deceptive Instagram videos.

They?ve had a bit of an impact and impression on me and how I view other black hair videos on Instagram.

For instance, I often can?t shake the fear that every black woman with legitimate locks (or what seem to be legitimate), will soon have a pair of hands mysteriously appear and pull her hair off her head.

Even when I watch the hair videos I create, I feel like the mysterious pair of hands is there, hidden, waiting to strike.

No one is safe. NO ONE! The devil is a liar.

This brings me back to the question: have we black women gone too far with our protective hairstyles? Really think about this question before answering it.

Are we doing harm and hindering to natural locks (which defeats the purpose of a protective hairstyle) than helping and healing them?

Lace front wigs were created to completely cover one?s natural locks (as a hair replacement unit). When applied, the lace front wig creates a realistic illusion of hair growing out of the scalp and along the perimeter of the head.

Lace front wigs were also created as an alternative hair replacement solution to a full head weave application?a lace front wig can be worn up to 22 weeks if semi-permanently installed.

But, for a lace front wig to work efficiently and effectively and perform at its highest capacity, it must be either glued or taped to the perimeter of the head, then secured using a sewing needle and thread.

The installation process of a lace front wig can be extremely detrimental to the health of one?s natural locks, not to mention hairline (perimeter of the head).

Because lace front wigs are designed to fully cover one?s natural locks, they permit minimal air ventilation, prohibiting the scalp from breathing and receiving the air needed to stimulate adequate hair growth.

Because of this improper ventilation, moisture from sweat and water can be trapped, creating an extremely hazardous environment for your natural locks and fostering bacteria and fungus that contaminate the scalp. Does anyone really want mushrooms growing out of their head (Joke)?

Tape or glue adhesives used to bond the lace front wig to the perimeter of the head can cause short, long or permanent hair loss when the wig is continuously and repeatedly removed (due to constant pulling, tape or glue attached to the hair rip and tear from the scalp).

These are the reason why we are seeing more and more black women with hair loss around the perimeters of their head. These women often have receding hair lines and no edges.

For these reasons, wearing lace front wigs should never be a permanent solution, worn because you must wear it and not because you want to wear it (by choice), not because it?s your only option.

If lace front wigs are going to be worn, they should be worn without proper installation and the proper protocol created by the hair industry. In return the lace front wig will become a healthy solution and not a permanent future problem.

Wear a lace front wig as you would a regular wig, applying and removing it daily. Eliminate the use of adhesives (glues and tapes).

Wearing a lace front wig without adhesives creates a safer, healthier and more nurturing environment for your natural locks/scalp.

Written by: Tanika Torrice
Owner of Tanika Torrice Private Weave & Beauty Studio