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    Default Hair 101 - How Conditioners Work

    Here you go again another findings to Hair 101 - How Salon Shampoos Work, this time it is on Conditioners! Have Fun!

    How Conditioners Work
    Molecules of most conditioning agents carry small positive electrical charges. As we have seen, hair strands carry negative charges. The negative charges attract the positively charged molecules and these deposit on the hair. This is how static electricity is reduced. Conditioners also help raised cuticle scales to lie flat against the hair surface. The smoothness of the conditioned hairs also means detangling, and a more compact cuticle means sheen and lustre.
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    Thanks for the info!

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    Hey girl, great find! thanks for sharing.Relaxers give the hair a negative charge as well.
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    Good info! The tangling is a reason why I never rinse conditioner out of my hair until it's squeaky clean, just until it feels soft, but not slippery or tacky. I want there to be a little bit of emoillient on my hair so my comb slides through my hair easily.

    This raises a question for me. When cleaning our hair tools how to we prevent creating a static charge? Should we soak our combs and brushes in diluted conditioner before air drying? I notice that almost everytime I clean my combs and brushes they make my hair static-y. Does anyone think this would help prevent that?
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