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    Default Ayurvedic Hair Care

    I have incorporated shikakai and amla powders in my hair care regimen, they are great! Here is a snippet about some of the powders from a post on my blog.

    Shikakai Spotlight

    Shikakai a.k.a The Fruit for the Hair is actually a nut and the powder comes from de-shelled shikakai nuts

    Promotes hair growth

    Strengthens hair roots

    Shikakai powder has a 2 year shelf like and most boxes will have the manufactor date stamped on it (it is NOT an expiration date in most cases)

    Amla Spotlight

    Amla a.k.a. Indian Gooseberry comes from a tree that is worshipped as Mother Nature

    Amla is a very conditioning herb

    Amla is also thought to penetrate the scalp to strengthen the root of your hair ... think super strong new growth

    Aritha Spotlight

    Aritha a.k.a. Soapnut because it comes from the fruit of the soapnut tree

    The fruit contains a high level of saponins (act as natural foaming agents)

    Considered a mild cleanser

    Keep out of your eyes!

    Info adapted from the website from nature with love. You can find more info on many more Ayurvedic herbs

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    Default very interesting

    How long have you done this??

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    I started out with the shikakai shampoo bar about 2 months ago because I was skeptical and nervous about trying the powders. I loved the shampoo bar so I tried the powders. Its been about 2 months. I love the powders, I'm sticking to it. It really makes my hair feel healthy and strong.

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    Yes its a good movement. I mean a lot of Indian people (or people that originate from India) have beautiful hair!
    I've tried mixing my own hair oil, only because i couldn't find Vatika oil. So i have mixed Jasmin, coconut, almond, brahmi, and amla oil togther. Im going to add Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to my next mix.

    I also add peppermint to my mix because I dont like the smell of them Brahmi and amla oils. We'll see how it goes!

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    Default wow

    I am learning a lot from yall...keep it coming! I am going to look into this.

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    Cool...I'm sure you will love it. The rinse takes a little to get used to, just because of the mixing. But once you get it down its great...you immediately feel the difference. I would suggest starting with a shikakai shampoo bar

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    Great post, Anti. ^^
    I'm looking into this, too... I'm considering using ayurvedic techniques in my hair over the summer.
    Currently on a honey bandwagon.

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    Has anyone tried it out yet? I just got some large tea bags to use for my powders to make everything easier...once I try it I'll let you know how it goes.

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    yes, cuz I gotta do something. My breakage has become a little more visible. On the right side today, I saw some little strands sticking out. It probably was more noticeable due to the fact that i was wearing it strat today. I am so disaapointed and I just hate the way that little piece looks!

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    Baby that area. Always keep it moisturized, if the damage was caused by dryness. Good luck! The shikakai amla works well...just remember the amla because shikakai alone is very very drying.

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