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Tall, Black Canadian

Joico & Aussie Moist Conditioners

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A little something from my fotki:

I've contiued with my co-washing this week and I like what's happening. On the forum the ladies talk about the products they have access to and what seem like limitless choices in hair products for AA hair. Maybe in Toronto I'd have a chance at keeping up with the Jones' because if I couldn't find it in town, I'd make a quick trip to B-lo to get the goods. That is not an option in Calgary. The border into Montana is about 6 hours away, and I have no idea if BSS are abundant there. I'm thinking not.

Anyway, I experimented with two conditioners this week. The first was the very budget friendly Aussie Moist Conditioner. This is not typically a conditioner choice for women of colour, but I thought "what they hay" and gave it a try (Remember, I've been working on my washing and conditioning techniques in an effort to reap the intended benefits of the product). So the goal this week was softer moisturized hair to counter that amount of protein I use.

First of all, the smell was great. Even after rinsing, I could still smell the conditioner. The strands did not tangle while wet making combing through a breeze, and there was no residue on my hair afterwards. I comboed air drying and a medium dryer, but eventually tied my slightly damp hair down after applying a little Sweet Almond oil (cold pressed organic) to the hair. When dry, my hair felt really soft, and looked fuller. I was impressed. Because it did everything it claimed and then some, I give this a 4.25 out of 5. Hey, nothing is perfect, but this was truly wonderful.

Two days later I decided to do a dry DC with Elasta QP DPR-11 and follow it up with a co-wash. Because the Aussie and Elasta are moisturizing products, I thought it best to balance that out with a protein conditioner. I didn't want to use Motions or ORS because they sit on the border between hardcore and gentle protein, which was more than my hair needed just then. So being a PJ (product junkie) I went shopping at the grocery store because they have an extensive hair care section featuring many salon brands. I picked up dozens of brands from $2 to $54. I read labels and tried to remember which alcohols and 'cones and beneficial and which ones aren't. I finally decided on Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner. I wasn't confident about it because I've never seen it at a black salon or ever seen it at the local BSS. But it read well and the cost, $28 for a salon sized bottle, wasn't going to bankrupt me. After co-washing, I was nervous (again) about the result, but WOWEE! No tangles, easy combing, no residue, and so very soft! When I combed through my hair I had very little shed which told me that my hair wasn't just soft, but had some strength as well. I didn't have a ton of time to fool with my hair, so a little dryer action then tying down was it. After applying some grapeseed oil of course. Bottome line, when I revealed my hair for work a few hours later it was beautiful. Again very full looking and soft to the touch. It smelled great still and my hair had shine and movement. I didn't even bother to touch it up with a little bit more oil as I usually do. It felt and still feels fantastic. I won't give the credit to Joico alone, as it wasused in conjunction with a DC, but it does deserve the lion's share because this had not been the result on several other occasions using DPR-11 and other products. I may revise this rating after trying it again in other combos, but as of today, right now, I give Joico K-Pak Reconstruct a 4.5 out of 5.

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Updated 01-22-2009 at 04:47 PM by Tall, Black Canadian

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  1. dawnss's Avatar
    I have seen reviews of joico and I have wanted to try it, but it is so expensive.
  2. Tall, Black Canadian's Avatar
    Joico is no joke on the price, but it performs well, and the bottle is very large. It should last me at least 6 months, and I will definately buy it again. Great light protein.
  3. dawnss's Avatar
    Hm, maybe I will give it a shot, but I like my light protein of eggs with olive oil or coconut oil. Great review by the way.
  4. evanny's Avatar
    Does the Joico last for a while? I wouldn't mind getting it, if I knew it would last more than 2 weeks.
  5. Tall, Black Canadian's Avatar
    The bottle I got was 1L (almost 36 oz I think converted). I paid top dollar because it was the grocery store, not the mall salon where all these brands are about 2/3 of that price. I only use it about once a week to balance out all the moisturizing co-washes and poos I do. I am very generous, but my hair isn't as long as yours. It will last you a good while depending on how much and how often (and tell your husband keep his hands off!)
  6. evanny's Avatar
    I already know as soon as I bring that in the house what he's going to do. 1st he'll complain about me bringing in more hair products. (I have to sneak them in the house and then tell him I've had it forever) 2nd he'll complain about the price. 3rd he'll secretly use it, and tell me to feel his hair later on that same day. I think I might give it a try. Thanks as always TBC.

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