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  1. Relaxer Info

    Taken from The Anti Hair Slave.com

    My hair has been relaxed for many many many years now. I have memories of hot combs, cornrows, and beads but for the most part I remember having relaxed hair. I remember begging my mom to relax my hair because I knew it meant the end of getting the tops of my ears burned (for all of you who have experienced a hot comb, I know you feel me!) Anyway, getting back on track, since it is time for my relaxer I decided I would do a little research and try ...

    Updated 03-28-2008 at 08:12 PM by The Anti Hair Slave

  2. Hello This will be the bhp fourm update

    We are adding the credit system now. It will be several weeks before we start raffling off prizes. This is due because of the forum software and upcoming updates. Stay tuned!
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  3. Relaxer Strecthing

    Here is an old post from my personal blog

    I have noticed that a lot of women on the hair boards participate in what is called relaxer stretches. A relaxer stretch is when you strreeeetttcccchhhhh the amount of time between relaxers. So for example, if you relaxer every 6 weeks and you decide you are not going to relax your hair until 10 weeks that is a relaxer stretch. The theory behind doing it is that if you stretch the time between relaxers you will have more growth therefore lessening ...

    Updated 03-28-2008 at 08:17 PM by The Anti Hair Slave

  4. Hair Vitamins

    I do not take any vitamins for healthy hair. I don't even take a multi-vitamin, I feel as though I can get all the vitamins and minerals I need through foods.

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